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History and Background

    LUNG JYI Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in August 25, 1998(Former CHING LUNG JYI Foreign Firm founded in December 24, 1993). To ensure the quality of our supply source as well as exclude any possibilities of frauds, we cooperate with reputable firms or agents at home and abroad. Not only serving hot selling items but competitive price do make Lung Jyi a leading company in Taiwan. If there has any question or opportunity to cooperate, please contact us!


Business Field

    Lung Jyi specializes in wholesale, selling over 500 brands and 9000 various kinds of commodities ranging from perfume, cosmetics, care products to snacks, leather bags, electronics. Furthermore, we also have our own brands and sole agents for famous brands.

    To follow the new era, we are integrating our brick-and-mortar store with electronic business positively, making effort to enable all customers to enjoy the best shopping experience.


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