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HER Haircare Rituals

HER @HER_Haircare

Nestled in the lush valleys of Italy's Veneto region is our home, the stunning 300 year old, Palladian inspired, Villa Floriani


Brings together highly active natural ingredients with technological delivery systems.

Full of nourishing oils Five minutes of your life not wasted 300 seconds is enough to transform the hair to its virginal state, before it got coloured, tonged, straightened and generally damaged to within an inch of its life.

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Not only about Luxury but World-care

HER Haircare Rituals 300秒速效青春髮膜 10ml 義大利頂級髮品 HER Haircare Rituals 300秒速效青春髮膜 10ml 義大利頂級髮品
Brand: HER Haircare Rituals Model: SMHER-024
市價$600HER Haircare 來自義大利 阿爾卑斯山的精品頭髮保養品1988 年落腳在Flo..
Ex Tax:NT$369
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